Wentworth: episode guide

The Velvet Curtain

Episode 1.05
Wednesday, May 29, 2013
Screenplay by Peter McTighe
Story by Lara Radulovich
Directed by Tori Garrett

Unsettled by an erotic dream she had about Franky, Erica tries to avoid her, but they're thrown together when Channing decides to use Franky as the poster girl for prison reform. When forced to tutor Franky, their close proximity and Franky's provocation leave Erica hot and bothered.

Erica's sexual frustration at work illuminates the problems in her relationship with her fianceĢ Mark, and she has to cope with a darker side of herself, forcing her to make a difficult choice.

Stripped of her peer worker duties Liz's drinking problem spirals and she alienates the women until a close call gives her the much-needed perspective. Meanwhile, a connection develops between Bea and Officer Will Jackson prompting Bea to confide in Liz about the brutal truth of her marriage to Harry.


  • Danielle Cormack as Bea Smith
  • Nicole Da Silva as Franky Doyle
  • Kris McQuade as Jacs Holt
  • Leeanna Walsman as Erica Davidson
  • Kate Atkinson as Vera Bennett
  • Celia Ireland as Liz Birdsworth
  • Shareena Clanton as Doreen Anderson
  • Aaron Jeffery as Matthew Fletcher
  • Robbie Magasiva as Will Jackson


  • Martin Sacks as Derek Channing
  • Katrina Milosevic as Sue "Boomer" Jenkins
  • Jacquie Brennan as Linda Miles
  • Ra Chapman as Kim Chang
  • Damon Gameau as Mark Pearson
  • Melitta St Just as Megan Summers
  • Rondah Dam as Phillipa 'Pip' Turner
  • Cassandra Magrath as Hayley Jovanka
  • Benne Harrison as Rosiland 'Roz' Jago
  • Paul Ireland as Tom O'Connor