Produced by Kennedy Miller

Producers: Terry Hayes, Doug Mitchell, George Miller
Associate Producer: Barbara Gibbs
Story: John Duigan, Terry Hayes, Chris Noonan, Francine Finnane, Philip Noyce
Screenplay: Chris Noonan, Terry Hayes, John Duigan
Directors: Chris Noonan, John Duigan
Music: William Motzing

Aired: February 23 - April 27, 1987 (Ten)

An often brutal war story, which revolves around young conscript Phil Goddard and his four terrible years in the Vietnam War. He, like all the others, was thrown into an escalation in combat while back home the kids were indulging in free love, Beatlemania and LSD. (10x50 min)
Barry OttoDouglas Goddard
Nicole KidmanMegan Goddard
Nicholas EadiePhil Goddard
Veronica LangEvelyn Goddard
John PolsonSerge
Grace ParrLe
Mark LeeLaurie Fellows
Pauline ChanLien

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