Two Twisted: episode links

There's Something About Kyanna / Finding Frank
The book "The Trespassers" written by Melissa George's character in the first episode is beside the photo in the office where Norm stops for a drink in the second episode
Call Back / Heart Attack
When Tom Long's character arrives home, outside his house is an ambulance attending to an accident, this is Anthony Phelan's cyclist character in the next episode
Von Stauffenberg's Stamp / A Date With Doctor D
The development proposal is for the barber shop and stamp shop
Soft Boiled Luck / Arkham's Curios and Wonders
The red puzzle cube can later be seen in Vincent's bedroom
A Flash Exclusive / Delivery Man
The same red "Roger's General Store" delivery van appears in both episodes
Jailbreak / Saviour
Valentino Del Toro's character, the stabbed prisone, appears briefly in the beginning of the previous story
Love Crimes / Grand Final
Mason, the basketball player in the final episode, is the son of the home-owners from the previous story (see also the note on the refridgerator)