Tripping Over: characters

Daniel MacPherson as Ned

Ned has spent the past seven years on Australia's hit soap, Next Door, in the role of Trent Carter. He has a good heart coupled with a worrying tendency to drop himself in it, particularly when there are cameras around. It's finally time to break away and seek international credibility and, with it, his father's approval. Ned's journey is a leap of faith. He travels to distant shores to find out who he is, but he might find more than he bargained for on the rain-dashed streets of London.

Abe Forsythe as Nic

Nic is Ned's best friend, a professionally competent but emotionally accident-prone Australian maths teacher, he's lived a life of whimsy till now. Alas, he's hit a crossroads—it's finally time to make some choices. The mathematician in him is brimming with theories about probability but his ideas on life are shaken up by what happens in Thailand, forcing some introspection. Nic is on his way to London to surprise his girlfriend, Flick.

Alexandra Moen as Tamsin

Tamsin has led a life of privilege but things are about to change drastically. She's always been the goody-two-shoes with the steady boyfriend and she's the kind of girl who likes to be in control. She's not entirely sure why her mum made her promise to go to Sydney on her deathbed—just as her law career is kicking off and she's settling into the perfect engagement—but she's willing to give it a go. She's responsible for everyone meeting in Thailand, where everything kicks off.

Kathryn Drysdale as Lizzie

Tamsin's highly-strung best friend is an obsessively organised adventure travel agent. A sweet and motherly character, she's got used to all the elements of her life being harmonious so when it all goes pear-shaped, she's lost at sea. It's time for her to find out what she really wants in life—starting with the discovery that she actually hates travelling and adventure.

Leon Ockenden as Callum

Lizzie's boyfriend is a wild-boy carpenter from Cheshire. Travelling has changed his life dramatically; he's had an epiphany that threatens to push him over the edge. The sunrise boat trip in Bangkok has an even more devastating effect on Callum than it has on the others but he deals with it by partying, drinking and taking drugs. He's on top of the world and heading for a crash.

Brooke Satchwell as Felicity

Flick is Nic's long standing on/off girlfriend and she has an unfortunate talent for re-appearing in his life whenever he's on the brink of a new relationship. She travelled to London to jump-start her PR career but seems to spend more time babysitting and wondering what's going on with Nic.

Oliver Chris as Sam

Tamsin's fiancé is an affable man with a plausible plan—he's sitting pretty with his career, engagement and young professional lifestyle. He's a true gent and he does his best to accommodate Tamsin's new whims.

Rebecca Gibney as Lydia

Wild-haired, spirited Lydia is Ned's mother who runs a restaurant in Sydney. She is occasionally charming, usually controlling, unconventional, acerbic and witty. Lydia relishes her bohemian lifestyle but it's finally time for her to take responsibility for her past decisions.

Paul McGann as Jeremy

Lydia's ex-husband and Ned's "father," Jeremy is a very successful human rights lawyer with a huge capacity for global compassion, but his personal life is in tatters. He's full of himself and good at his job but is something of a philanderer; he's in for a very big emotional journey.

Nicholas Bell as James

James is Jeremy's brother. He leads a strikingly ordinary life running the family canister-making business—until the passions of youth catch up with him.

Lisa McCune as Annabel

Jeremy's second wife and Ned's stepmother. Beautiful, undemanding and loyal—right up until the time Jeremy pushes her too far. Then she emerges.

Jacek Koman as Magnus

Lydia's long-suffering chef. Laid back, wry and very self-contained, he is about to give Lydia the shock of her life.

Ramon Tikaram as Dave

Dave tagged along with Callum and Lizzie in Thailand, causing all manner of heartache. A ubiquitous traveller, Dave reinvented himself after years of smack addiction and now considers himself to be a citizen of the world. He is something of an enigma.