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Secret Girls' Business


Episode 8
Monday, June 25, 2012 (8pm)
0.716 million viewers (17th)
Written by John Banas
Directed by Garth Maxwell

Kate's past returns to haunt her when her daughter Emma goes missing; Matt and Chad go undercover to catch a cheating management consultant; Rick tracks down a key player in the property scam that upended his life and Chad's life takes an surprising turn when an old flame makes him a tempting offer.

Guest Starring: Dena Kaplan as Minnesota Smith, Yalin Ozucelik as Leon Stanic; Paul Caesar as Trevor Ogilvy, Sean Brandtman as Steve Gregg, Taylor Beadle-Williams as Ginette, Mercia Deane-Johns as Verka Stanic, Michael Duncan as Guard #1, Gareth Hamilton-Foster as Groundsman Keith, Garry Herro as Suited Man #2, Mel Grob as Paula Conti, Michael Hodge as Security Guard #2, Colin Huxley as Suited Man #1, Katie James as Caroline Stanic, Tom Lanni as Milos Stanic, Charlie-Rose Maclennan as Molly Stanic, Jessica Lee as Assistant Coach

Space & Time


Episode 9
Monday, July 02, 2012 (8pm)
0.558 million viewers (na)
Written by Peter McTighe
Directed by Lynn Hegarty

Kate and Rick arrange a series of sting operations to catch a corrupt builder; Jim's loyalty is tested when he is forced to investigate a mate over an alleged robbery. Outraged by the truth about Lily's mystery lover, Kate sends Matt to do her dirty work, and a routine repo turns nasty for Matt, when a family locks themselves inside their car.

Guest Starring: Hugo Johnstone-Burt as Alex Rudan, Sandy Winton as Marcus Woodward David Roberts as David Lang, Bobby Fox as Seamus O'Leary; Saskia Burmeister as Zoe Platt, Andy Caryofyllis as Ambulance Officer, Eden Chelkowski as Jaiden Winton, Matt Dale as Kevin Stanton, Aimee Lee Druett as Monique Spry, Paul He as Zhao Wei, Paul Hooper as Todd Winton, Simon Moore as Shaun McKean, John McNeill as Griffo Griffiths, Annie Maynard as Simone Woodward, Patricia Rowling as Vicki Winton

Skyrockets In Flight


Episode 10
Wednesday, July 11, 2012 (10pm)
0.311 million viewers (na)
Written by Christopher D Hawkshaw
Directed by Lynn Hegarty

Passions run high as Kate and Matt investigate a cheating spouse, Rick exposes an insurance scam involving broken ankles, theft and misguided love, and Jim uncovers a tragic family secret while investigating a house fire and Lily's love life spirals out of control.

Guest Starring: Hugo Johnstone-Burt as Alex Rudan, Sandy Winton as Marcus Woodward; Sleiman (Sam) Ali as Teenage Boy #1, Charlie Clausen as Ben Napier, David Couttas as Dean Fotias, Billie May Duckworth as Eli Nugent, Matt Dyktynski as Edward Nugent, Brady Gunn as Nathan, Krystyle Hill as Trish, Tim Jellema as Teenage Boy, Daniel Krige as Milo Bryan, Drew Livingston as Anton Luka, Andrew Marshall as Peter Balich, Joanna Mides as Liz Napier, Glenn Millanta as Ryan James, Moya O'Sullivan as Lorraine Webb, Ed Oxenbould as Max Nugent, Olivia Parsonson as Teenage Girl, Lindy Sardelic as Di Nugent, John Thomspson as Motel Manager, Holly Thompson as Lorraine Stunt Double, Paul Wilson as Michael Hinde, John Xintavelonis as Mick Fotias

Who Wants To Be An Albatross


Episode 11
Wednesday, July 18, 2012 (10pm)
0.291 million viewers (31st)
Written by Jeff Truman
Directed by Karl Zwicky

Matt is hired to investigate doping in the greyhound racing industry. Rick and Kate risk losing their reputations and their biggest client when they are accused of wrecking a school formal. Jim's focus on the family business takes its toll on Claire and Lily's relationship with Marcus taking a surprising turn.

Guest Starring: Brian Rooney as Hamish Kelly, Hugo Johnstone-Burt as Alex Rudan, Maya Stange as Frankie Chalmers, Vince Martin as Ross Beechworth, Annie Maynard as Simone Woodward, Sandy Winton as Marcus Woodward; Caitlin Burley as Formal Girl #2, Hannah Dawson as Samantha, Andrew Voss as Race caller, Todd Hezelgrove as Brian Faraday, Mia Ioannou as Formal Girl #1, Mikael Jensen as Cameraman, Erin Kebby as Formal Girl #3, Lenore Munro as Corinne Kelly, Mark Murphy as Sound Guy, Oliver Rissotto as Gino Carmelli, Adrienne Warden as Rival Reporter, Ed Wightman as Steve Evans, Lucy Wigmore as Harriet Lansing, Heath Wilder as Bill, P.J. Williams as Bugsy

Bad Hair Day


Episode 12
Wednesday, July 25, 2012 (10pm)
Written by Elizabeth Coleman
Directed by Karl Zwicky

Matt's day turns dangerous when he tries to repossess a car from an underworld boss, Kate receives a death threat from an unlikely source, and Rick has a breakthrough in the hunt to reclaim his lost $100,000. Jim learns a lesson in being a better father and husband.

Guest Starring: Hugo Johnstone-Burt as Alex Rudan, Sandy Winton as Marcus Woodward, Justin Smith, Craig Hall as George Blake, Katrina Hobbs as Wendy; et al

Episode 13


Wednesday, July 25, 2012 (11pm)
Written by Tamara Asmar
Directed by David Caesar

Rick risks everything to repay his debts to Kate and Jim, Matt makes a fateful decision for the sake of Kate's happiness, and Jim and Claire's paths collide when they take separate action to help salvage Lily's university career.

Guest Starring: Hugo Johnstone-Burt as Alex Rudan, Russell Kiefel as Hugh Goodman, Sandy Winton as Marcus Woodward, Emily Rose Brennan as Anna Larssen, Natalie Saleeba as Sonia Sloane, Glenn Hazeldine as Bryce Larssen; Rose Ashton as Renee, Helena Czajka as Pretty Female Student, Michael Duncan as Bryce Driving Double, Rebecca Doyle as Brooke Goodman, Matilda French as Milly Larssen, Oscar French as Hayden Larssen, Ian McColm as Jason Green, Kauro Manton as Cleaner, Emily Morrison as Cara, Danny Pusic as Barista, Murray Scarce as D.S. Vaughan, Leon Stripp as Federal Cop Driver