Produced by Quail Television

Executive Producer: Greg Quail
Producer: Michelle Hardy
Writer: Tristram Baumber
Director: Erin White

Aired: Wed, October 08, 2014 (ABC)

Melinda and Colin Garrett's 35-year-old son Timothy has returned to Wollongong. Unfortunately, his homecoming is under less than stellar circumstances, the result of bankruptcy and a mental breakdown in his former life as a corporate high-flyer in Hong Kong. Apart from permanently sporting an old dressing gown, Timothy doesn't show many signs of the breakdown that landed him back in Wollongong. Timothy's therapist, however, insists that he is very fragile. (1x27min)
Stephen CurryTimothy Garrett
Denise ScottMelinda Garrett
Peter RowsthornColin Garrett
John LearyMike Schroeder
Lisbeth KennellyDr Sandra Nelson
Natalie MedlockNurse
cast photo

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