Produced by Jonathan M. Shiff Productions

Created and Produced by: Jonathan M Shiff
Directors: Colin Budds, Mark DeFriest
Story Editor: Keith Aberdein
Music by: Garry McDonald and Lawrence Stone

Aired: 1999 - 2000 (52 x 30min)

15-year-old Noah lives in a post-apocalyptic future when no animals roam the Earth. By unlocking the secrets of time travel Noah finds a way of bringing animals from the past to re-populate the World. Set in a variety of terrains including the dry, dusty Australian outback, lush green riverlands and wild beaches. The series features elaborate sets and production design depicting Earth in two future time zones - the first, an underground city called North Col and the second, a vast expanse of untouched wilderness called Haven.

British Academy of Film and Television Arts award winner for Best International Programme
Jeffrey WalkerNoah Daniels
Mereoni VukiArushka
Daniel DaperisChip
Damien FotiouSundance/Sutch
Anna-Grace HopkinsGeneva
Kate KeltieBecky Daniels
Nathan WentworthKwan
Gerard KennedyDr. Pretorius
Stuart HaluszTao
Elena MandalisJett
Jasper BaggRork
Denis MooreSavage
Nikki CoghillLiz Daniels
Andrew LarkinsSimon Daniels
Robert AltsonFerris
Nina LandisSyndia
Ernie BournePohl
cast photo

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