Produced by Arenamedia

Producers: Robert Connolly, Marie Maroun, John Harvey
Writers: Tony Briggs, Wayne Blair, Tracey Rigney
Directors: Adrian Russell Wills, Beck Cole, Steven McGregor, Catriona McKenzie

Airing: April - June 2017 (ABC)

Two young Indigenous players, Zane and Maki, are plucked from their modest lives to play in the big leagues — the AFL. The boys pack up and move interstate to the busy metropolis of Melbourne where their lives are turned upside down. Dislocated from traditional values, the boys struggle with their new-found celebrity and its lure of sex, drugs and fast living. (8x30min)
Gordan ChurchillMaki
Nelson BakerZane
Ben KnightScottie
Reece MilneDoc
Vince ColosimoMark 'Spinner' Spinotti
Lisa McCune...
John HowardBill Shepherd
Tasia ZalarAva
cast photo

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