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Episode 1.02

Thu, October 08, 2015
Written by Alice Addison
Directed by Kriv Stenders

The school is in lockdown as the police investigation into Karim's death begins, and Bashir battles to contain the frenzy which has ensued at school and the rage of the victim's brother, Tarek. Amongst such a volatile gang culture, can he stop him retaliating?

Details of the crime are kept from teachers, students, and even Kellie but a fuller picture emerges when George's hospitality class is invaded by police. As Detective Bilic leads the police investigation, Bashir battles to keep up his program of reform in the face of an officious department (threatening the closure of the school), panicking parents, a skeptical staff, and a community angry at the media attention the murder has generated.

Bashir is determined to do his best foe the boys of Boxdale and promises Tarek's father, Mohammed, that he won't lose another son. Meanwhile, Kellie warms to Bashir's methods and they share a drink after work.


  • Alex Dimitriades as Matt Bashir
  • Aden Young as Adam Bilic
  • Mirrah Foulkes as Kellie Norton
  • Rahel Romahn as Tarek Ahmad
  • Tyler De Nawi as Karim Ahmad
  • Michael Denkha as Mohammad Ahmad
  • Di Adams as Ursula Bright
  • Oscar Redding as Trevor Pieterson
  • George H. Xanthis as George Karidis
  • Stephen Leeder as Vincent Palgan
  • Deborah Kennedy as Val
  • Rebecca Massey as Rina
  • Andrea Demetriades as Hafa Habeb
  • Neveen Hanna as Alma Bivas
  • Michael Whalley as Dave Santos
  • Thuso Lekwape as Kenny Movondo
  • Narek Arman as Sami Bivas
  • Karim Zreika as Bilal
  • Matthew DeOliveira as Salim
  • Aliki Matangi as Sisi
  • Cayne Docker-Clay as Sef
  • Tim Abdallah as Farid
  • Alec Epsimos as Husam
  • Adrian Dieguez as Terry
  • Jonathan Surjadi as Bernard
  • Elijah Williams as Raymond
  • Alexander McGuire as Tunc
  • JR Laveta as Pig
  • Alice Zahalka as Lucinda
  • Robert Mammone as Dino Abbadelli
  • Angela Punch McGregor as Sue Langworthy
  • Miles Gibson as Chris Langworthy
  • Ivy Mak as Nancy
  • Simon Edds as Clean Cut Guy
  • Tim Pace as Journalist
  • Richard Carwin as Reporter
  • Catherine Ross as TV Reporter
  • Kerry Blakeman as Pig's Driver