Producer: Maurice Murphy
Directors: Maurice Murphy, Ted Robinson
Writers: Geoffrey Atherden, John Brendan, Maurice Murphy, Peter Weir, Paul O'Sullivan, Grahame Bond

Aired: 1972-1973, 1975 (ABC)

The Aunty Jack Show burst on to Australian television screens in the 1970s. There had never been anything like Aunty Jack. Grahame Bond's outrageous character, the bikie and self proclaimed "Queen of Wollongong", was the antithesis of television presenting. A moustachioed hostess who threatened to jump out of viewer's television sets and rip their bloody arms off. Aunty Jack and her cast of characters, Thin Arthur, Narrator Neville and Flange Desire brought a new sense of humour to our screens - irreverent, bizarre, full of original music (a rarity for a comedy series) and uniquely Australian.
Grahame BondAunty Jack
Rory O'DonoghueThin Arthur
Sandra McGregorFlange Desire
John DerumNarrator Neville
Garry McDonaldKid Eager/Norman Gunston
 cast photo
 cast photo

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