Produced by Great Western Entertainment Pty Ltd

Executive Producer: Posie Graeme Evans
Producer: Paul Barron
Directors: Mark De Friest, Steve Peddie, Ted McQueen-Mason
Writer: Ron Elliott, Coral Drouyn, Vanessa Yardley, Victor Gentile, Claire Bradshaw, Justin Cheek, Dave Warner

Aired: 2005-2008

Streetsmartz follows the wheelings and dealings of 16-year-old would-be entrepreneur Vinnie Martino as he drums up business for 'ghost tours', subcontracts his dog-walking business and enlists his younger sisters and various friends in ad hoc moneymaking schemes. Homework and working shifts at his father's butcher shop comes second to the Art of the Deal, Vinnie style. The stories of Vinnie and his friends are full of humour, emotional stakes, and the belief that, when all is said and done, family — no matter what form it takes — is what really counts.
David RichardsonVinnie
Rebecca McCarthyMax
Iain GatelyGeorge
Joel TurnerStavros
Pia PrendivilleHellie
Anthony HarwoodRick
Lucy CookePhilippa
Chelsea JonesJess
Valentina BarronSammi
cast photo

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