Significant Others: episode guide

Episode 1

Sunday, October 16, 2022 (ABC)
369,000 viewers (8th)
Written by Tommy Murphy
Directed by Tony Krawitz

Sarah put a wrecking ball through her family and through the family home too. Now she has vanished. Putting the pieces back together is going to tear her family apart — or rebuild them anew.

Cast (in order of appearance): Zoë Steiner as Hanna, Gulliver McGrath as Ciaran, Jacqueline McKenzie as Sarah, Diana Popovska as George, Anastasia Bampos as Becky, Ben Dewstow as Bus-Driver, Kenneth Moraleda as Don, Alison Bell as Claire, Sean Barker as Dale, Rarriwuy Hick as Munroe, Todd McKenney as Wayne, Rachael Blake as Ursula, Natalie Tran as Lorrie, Grace Smibert as Nurse, Ben McIvor as Local Boatie [Mal], Anthony Phelan as Garry, Fayssal Bazzi as Ali, Aston Droomer as Jake, Maggie Dence as Pam

Episode 2

Sunday, October 23, 2022
251,000 viewers (11th)
Written by Niki Aken
Directed by Tony Krawitz

Raging against the purgatory of not knowing, the family venture back out into the world of the living to discover new aspects of themselves and their missing sister.

Cast: Jacqueline McKenzie as Sarah, Zoë Steiner as Hanna, Rachael Blake as Ursula, Gulliver McGrath as Ciaran, Alan Flower as Lubey, Todd McKenney as Wayne, Alison Bell as Claire, Kenneth Moraleda as Den, Fayssal Bazzi as Ali, Aston Droomer as Jake, Natalie Tran as Lorrie, Nathan James as Thinesh, Melody Kiptoo as Neha, Hajer as Alariah, Anastasia Bampos as Becky, Jemilla Harvey as Student, Brodie Townsend as Lucas, Semisi Cheekam as Sione, Oscar Mitchell as Ro, Brandon McClelland as Mr Huntley, Maggie Dence as Pam, Alan Dukes as Scott, Nathan Wheeler as Xavier, Josh MacQueen as Matthew, Diana Popovska as George, Eliane Morel as Stage Manager, Orion Lee as Father Shirley
Dancers: Aba Sessi Brero, Feras Sheheen, Sam Beazely, Belle Beasley, Brooke Baxter, Kyle Ramboyong

Episode 3

Sunday, October 30, 2022
258,000 viewers (12th)
Written by Sue Smith
Directed by Tony Krawitz

Claire flees the family, Ciaran and Hanna deepen their relationships with outsiders caught in the rip of Sarah's disappearance, and Den finds a surprise clue.

Cast: Alison Bell as Claire, Maggie Dence as Pam, Gulliver McGrath as Ciaran, Todd McKenney as Wayne, Lucia Mastrantone as Freya, Jess Marchi as Brooke, Zoë Steiner as Hanna, Kenneth Moraleda as Den, Vincent Andriano as Instructor, Diana Popovska as George, Fay Du Chateau as Doctor, Rachael Blake as Ursula, Aston Droomer as Jake, Alan Dukes as Scott, Nathan Wheeler as Xavier, Ryan Panizza as Wayne II, Rarriwuy Hick as Munroe, Fayssal Bazzi as Ali, Jacqueline McKenzie as Sarah, Varun Fernando as Waiter, Nicholas Papademetriou as Nikos, James Saivanidis as Aris, Anastasia Bampos as Becky, Melody Kiptoo as Neha, Brodie Townsend as Lucas, Aileen Huynh as Kim Anh

Episode 4

Sunday, November 06, 2022
194,000 viewers (16th)
Written by Tommy Murphy & Blake Ayshford
Directed by Tony Krawitz

Mardi Gras comes to the city, enticing each family member to taste the bacchanalia. Sexual craving and secret transgressions abound as the oceans churn and secrets are exposed.

Cast: Kenneth Moraleda as Den, Rachael Blake as Ursula, Alison Bell as Claire, Jacqueline McKenzie as Sarah, Maggie Dence as Pam, Alan Dukes as Scott, Todd McKenney as Wayne, Rarriwuy Hick as Munroe, Morgan Macguire as Helen, Zoë Steiner as Hanna, Romy Bartz as Uber Driver, Shannon Dooley as Amber, John Gaden as Pastor, Trevor Ashley as Drag Queen, Gulliver McGrath as Ciaran, Braxton Ngeru as Becky's Brother, Blazey Best as Emma, Anastasia Bampos as Becky, John Fabry as Den's Mate #3, Brendan McLean as Gay Party Goer #2, Ryan Panizza as Wayne II, Dominic Anthony as Party Goer #1, Diana Popovska as George, Nyaluak Leth as Franky, Jared Jekyll as Den's Mate #4, Nathan Angelis as Den's Mate #5, Vi Lam as Den's Mate #2, Josh McConville as Officer Bedford, Ashley Lyons as Officer Stanley, John Quartermous as Cherry Jones, Tommy Murphy as Club Dancer

Episode 5

Sunday, November 13, 2022
227,000 viewers (13th)
Written by Louise Fox
Directed by Tony Krawitz

Ciaran grows tenacious in his demands for answers; Hanna arrives at a calm acceptance of her mother's fate; a bombshell explodes for Den upon discovering his family's betrayal.

Cast: Kenneth Moraleda as Den, Todd McKenney as Wayne, Alison Bell as Claire, Rachael Blake as Ursula, Gulliver McGrath as Ciaran, Zoë Steiner as Hanna, Rarriwuy Hick as Munroe, Alan Dukes as Scott, Anastasia Bampos as Becky, Blazey Best as Emma, Luke Carroll as Ian, Jacqueline McKenzie as Sarah, Tim Milligate as Tina Turnon, Danny Barton as Sauna Man, Diana Popovska as George, Gus Murray as Tim, Orion Lee as Father Shirley, Sam Glissan as Adrian, Aston Droomer as Jake, Fayssal Bazzi as Ali, Linden Wilkinson as Gaynor, Sarah Meacham as Antonia, Timothy Parson as Ciaran Stunt Double, Zac Salem as Ciaran Stunt Double, Sarah Laidler as George Stunt Double, Sarah Smyth as George Stunt Double, Tabitha Law as George Stunt Double, Anthony Duong as Jack Stunt Double, Tom Fortescue as Jack Stunt Double

Episode 6

Sunday, November 20, 2022
230,000 viewers (11th)
Written by Tommy Murphy & Vonne Patiag
Directed by Tony Krawitz

Funeral planning leads to surprise healing as questions are answered and vows for a new future are made.

Cast: Rachael Blake as Ursula, Todd McKenney as Wayne, Kenneth Moraleda as Den, Alison Bell as Claire, Gulliver McGrath as Ciaran, Diana Popovska as George, Aston Droomer as Jake, Christopher Nehme as Paramedic #1, Zoë Steiner as Hanna, Anthea Lock as Paramedica #2, Alan Dukes as Scott, Mike Duncan as Disgruntled Man, Rarriwuy Hick as Munroe, Josh MacQueen as Matthew, Nathan Wheeler as Xavier, Haniteli Telefoni as Labourer, Fayssal Bazzi as Ali, Aileen Huynh as Kim Anh, Khanh Trieu as Phuoc Duc, Jacqueline McKenzie as Sarah, Thuso Lekwape as Priest, Jessie Cacchillo as Celebrant, Anastasia Bampos as Becky, Julie McVie as Sarah Stunt Double, Tabitha Law as Sarah Stunt Double, Eloise Williams as Hanna Picture Double, Sophie Sproat as Claire Picture Double, John Hall as Wayne Picture Double