Produced by Sundown Picturehouse

Producers: Reuben Gibbes, Ingrid van Herp, Gary Brun
Writers: Chris Brun, Gary Brun, Alex Stamell
Directors: Gary Brun, Chris Brun

Released: 2015-2016 (Web series)

When a small time crook clocks out after a freak accident in a Sydney pub, it's left to his two sons to pick up his debt to the mob. They've got six weeks to cough up a hundred grand or they'll find themselves without their favourite appendages, courtesy of a psychopathic gun-for-hire and a pair of rusty hedge clippers.
Gary BrunMoses Kelly
Andrew LindqvistCurly Kelly
John HardingJason
Alex Stamell Alisha
Terry SerioMr. Motherfucker
Tony BonnerDiamond Jack
Johnny BoxerThe Professor
Heather MitchellHelen
Adrian TaylorLuigi

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