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Broken Bird

Episode 2.04 (9)
Monday, March 25, 2019 (Fox Showcase)
Written by Elise McCredie
Directed by Daniel Nettheim

The US Secretary of Defence arrives in the Capital for an unscheduled visit. Garrity seeks a private meeting with drone pilot Cal Treloar.


  • Anna Torv as Harriet Dunkley
  • Danielle Cormack as Karen Koutoufides
  • Laura Gordon as Cal Treloar
  • Rob Collins as Lt. Joseph Sullivan
  • Justin Smith as William Vaughn
  • Don Hany as PM Ewan Garrity
  • Andrew McFarlane as Wes Lockwood
  • Joel Tobeck as Jim Hellier
  • Marcus Graham as Andrew 'Griff' Griffiths
  • Robert Rabiah as Sami Almasi
  • Louisa Mignone as Mina Almasi
  • Benedict Hardie as Declan Boyd
  • Aleks Mikic as Thomas Maher
  • Tom Wren as Alex Berezin
  • Christopher Kirby as Kip Buchanan
  • Michael Denkha as Michael Lavelle
  • Renee Lim as Helen Wu
  • Rob MacPherson as Richard Gascoigne
  • Dalip Sondhi as Yasir Younis
  • Christopher Sommers as John Smith
  • Leah Baulch as Female Prison Guard
  • Caria Watt as Defence Dept Receptionist
  • Michael Handley as Defence Dept. Security Guard
  • Marina Rowe as Defence Dept. Security Guard
  • Monica Styles as Cal Driving Double
  • Adrian Mcharg as Vaughan Driving Double