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Sigrid Thornton as Laura Gibson

Laura Gibson

Laura Gibson is at a turning point in her life. For almost two decades she attempted to juggle a marriage, a family and a career as a high-powered corporate lawyer. It was an act she relished and pulled off with some panache.

In fact, she was so captivated by her own display of over-achievement that she failed to notice she'd dropped a couple of balls along the way — ones labelled 'Husband' and 'Children'. Jack would have complained more if he wasn't busy having his own midlife crisis as a spectacularly incapable businessman.

Miranda, 16, and Rupert, 12, gave up trying to attract her attention years ago. With her husband in jail, a career in shreds and the cat almost dead because she was too busy to avoid treading on it, Laura is totally derailed by the painful revelation that her life has no meaning. Laura heads for Pearl Bay with a rock solid theory — that she can start afresh.

A job as the local magistrate will mean fewer pressures, and she will have more time for the kids, to get to know them again.

Sigrid Thornton, one of Australia's leading and best-loved actresses, has starred in many films now regarded as classics of Australian cinema, including, George Miller's The Man From Snowy River, The Light Horseman, Slate Wyn And Me, The Man From Snowy River II and Over The Hill. She has also starred in several mini-series including The Boy In The Bush, The Far Country, 1915 and All The Rivers Run.

She has consolidated her profile in the United States following several seasons in her starring role as Amelia Lawson in the popular Western series Paradise for Lorimar television and CBS, and in the cable movie Trapped In Space for the US cable network.

Sigrid has worked extensively behind the cameras on behalf of the film and television industry, the arts and various charities. She has been re-elected as a member of the board of the Australian Film Institute as well as serving as the patron for Women in Film and Television. In 1995 she was appointed to the Commercial Television Production Fund for a three-year term.