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Kane McNay as Rupert Gibson

Rupert Gibson

Rupert Gibson is Laura and Jack Gibson's 12-year-old son. He is very much his father's son, trying a bit too hard to fulfil everyone else's expectations of him. He is bright, imaginative and nobody's fool. He can see through the bull and has a confronting way of informing people of his perceptions. After the move, Rupert misses his father and, like Miranda, he's not quite sure how to adjust to the newfound attentions of his mother, but he is willing to give her a go. Rupert's a likable kid, but he never did quite cut it with the scene in the city and moving to Pearl Bay has given him the opportunity to reinvent himself.

During his short acting career, Kane McNay has already scored numerous lead roles and awards for his performances, and is much in demand as a young actor. Kane had his first taste of acting playing the Wizard in The Wizard of Oz in a school play and he loved it. In 1996, at the age of 12, he began his professional acting career when he played the role of Tim, a street kid in the short film It Never Rains. Kane was awarded Best Male Actor at the International Short Film Festival for this role. Kane's other credits include a guest role in State Coroner, a cast role in the Last of the Ryan's and a lead role in Blabbermouth and Stickybeak, a program filmed for the UK.

'Rupert is self-sufficient and funny. I like to think that I am. I also like the way Rupert avoids conflict, can diffuse an argument and is thoughtful of others. I only wish he was a bit better at sport!' — Kane McNay.