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Christopher Lyons as Trevor Findlay

Trevor Findlay

Trevor Findlay is Pearl Bay's 'dag', though such a stigma does not seem to inhibit him. He doesn't even seem to understand what is required to be cool, and, perhaps to his credit, he doesn't care that much. His situation has given him great strength of character and, free from the constraints of socially acceptable teenage behaviour, Trevor is pretty well game for anything. He thinks things through and makes his own decisions. He also trusts his dad, although he is starting to realise that he's a touch smarter than Kevin, though he would never let on. Trevor loves Kevin and goes to great lengths to protect him.

Christopher Lyons is 15-years-old and in year 10 at school. He has already been acting for seven years. Christopher started in the industry simply because his big brother Matt used to act. His first professional job was in a ReVital Milk Commercial at the age of eight. Since then Trevor has had regular acting roles. He has made 23 commercials and more than 100 voice-overs. His numerous guest roles and bit parts include TV appearances on A Country Practice, River Street, State Coroner and RAW FM. At the age of 12, Christopher played the lead role of Ben, the owner of Bob the dog in The Bob Morrison Show.