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Cameron Nugent as Craig Jelly

Craig Jelly

At 18 Craig Jelly looks the way every teenage boy wants to look: tall, bronzed, muscled and good looking. Craig is a good-times boy, enjoying the moment. He's talented at all things physical — swimming, surfing and football. On the academic front he is less spectacular, which is not of major concern to him or his parents as it is assumed Craig will end up in one of his father's businesses. For all intents and purposes Craig looks like turning into Bob Jelly Junior.

Cameron Nugent, now 22, started acting at the age of 12 when an uncle approached him to appear in a commercial for television news. The ad was aired and soon afterwards he was approached by an acting agency. Since then the jobs have followed. Cameron played the character of the rough kid Tiger Gleeson in the popular ABC children's series Round The Twist. A highlight of his young career was a nomination for Best Actor in a TV Drama for his lead role in The Big Wish. Cameron was 14-years-old at the time. Other film and television credits include: Hotel De Love, Shark Bay, Blue Heelers, Ratbag Heroe, Black Rock and State Coroner. Cameron is now studying his final year of law. He aims to work copywriting and in publishing and to continue acting as a hobby. Cameron also enjoys music and in his spare time plays with a band, Eleven Eleven. Like his character he enjoys sport and his main hobby is surfing.

'Fortunately I share similar sporting interests to my character, so I did not need to undertake any special training.' His only dislike was donning very brief bathers in keeping with his character Craig Jelly. 'I am generally never seen in anything other than board shorts!' — Cameron Nugent.