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Bryony Price as Jules Jelly

Jules Jelly

Jules Jelly is 17 and pretty as a picture. She could easily be a magazine cover girl — and of course she knows it. She is physically as adept as Craig but mindful to restrict herself to more 'attractive' activities like dancing and netball. She has 'best friends' galore, and was voted the most popular girl in the school but in reality many voted for her because they wanted her to like them, not because they liked her.

Bryony Price has seen life from both sides of the camera. She started her career in modelling but, after establishing a strong acting career, is presently studying to be a photographer. Bryony started modelling at the age of 11. In 1995, at 16, she was chosen as Australian Super Model from 72 other young hopefuls aged between 13 and 25 years. She won a trip to New York and met with Stuart Cameron (Elle McPherson's agent). Bryony was given the opportunity to model in the States but she felt she was too young to pursue her career there and so returned to Australia to finish her schooling. At about the same time Bryony joined an acting agency and began her acting career in earnest. Her screen credits include Ocean Girl, Skytrackers, Neighbours and Blue Heelers. Nowadays she prefers to be on the other side of a stills camera and to have the opportunity to create the images. However, she enjoys acting. She has deferred from her photography course to be in SeaChange and aims to return to her course next year. She would love to travel and to work as a photographer overseas.

'Jules is great, but she is not all niceness and sweetness. She can be utterly uncompromising in her views. If you don't wear the right clothes, participate in the right activities, talk about the right things and have a mobile phone you don't fit into Jules' teenage mould of what's cool, and as far as Jules is concerned you're beneath contempt. I like her but I also like to think that I am not like her.' — Bryony Price.