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Patrol launches for second run

AUSTRALIAN television drama was given a $15 million boost yesterday when Channel 9 commissioned a second series of its much-anticipated Sea Patrol - before an episode of the first series has even gone to air.

The first 13-part series is the most expensive local TV series ever made and follows the navy crew of coastal patrol ship HMAS Hammersley.

The series made in co-operation with the Royal Australian Navy for recruitment purposes debuts on July 5 and was launched at a ceremony at naval headquarters Garden Island yesterday.

The announcement of a second series was made as the cast, led by Lisa McCune, Saskia Burmeister and Ian Stenlake, and the real crew of HMAS Sydney, who catered for the event, looked on.

"This is the biggest and best drama ever produced in Australia," Nine's new boss Jeffery Browne said. "It's exciting for the navy as well and we have to thank the navy so much for the co-operation we have received.

"I can announce we have commissioned series two, such is our commitment to Australian drama and the creative skills which make it."

The show is set around the northern Australian coastline and follows HMAS Hammersley actually HMAS Ipswich, one of 16 such patrol boats.

The broad-based family drama has already been sold to 100 countries.

By Marcus Casey
June 27, 2007
The Daily Telegraph