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Patrol crew pursue sea change

THREE of Sea Patrol's crew will remain overboard, with confirmation last week that Jay Ryan, Jeremy Lindsay Taylor and Saskia Burmeister will not return.

It's a big blow for the naval series, which also stars Lisa McCune and Matt Holmes among others. However, producer Hal McElroy has already cloaked the changes in his usual positivity.

"Look, the guys decided not to re-sign with the series, their contracts were up and all of them are eager on America,'' McElroy told Insider.

"We wish them luck, they're wonderfully good friends, but we move on and will introduce three new faces.

"I can't divulge who they are at the moment but, yes, it allows us the opportunity to keep the program fresh.

"A new character going through adventures is eye-opening for the character and the audience. It's exciting and gives you opportunity.''

Burmeister (Nav) has already relocated to Los Angeles where she is both auditioning and shopping a script she recently penned.

Ryan (Spider) is now shooting a second series of Go Girls in New Zealand before he make his Stateside move while Lindsay Taylor (Buffer) remains in Sydney eyeing off small local parts (he can soon be seen in Nine's Rescue Special Ops).

"Mate, LA isn't going anywhere and I'll look to take a punt on it,'' Lindsay Taylor said.

"But, ideally, I'd prefer to stay here and tell Australian stories because this is the country that I love and these are the stories I want to tell.''

McElroy said scripting for series four, which will feature 16 episodes, was already under way: "There's some wonderful character stuff with the usual bangs and crashes and some surprises.''

All aboard.

By Richard Clune
August 09, 2009
The Sunday Telegraph