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McCune more than chance for gold

WHEN popular talent Lisa McCune won her last Gold Logie eight years ago she was yet to experience motherhood.

Now busy attending to three youngsters under the age of six, Sea Patrol's leading lady says being nominated for a Gold and Silver Logie is all the more sweeter thanks to her tiny brood. "It's really lovely for my kids, they are kind of proud because they came up to Mission Beach when Ifilmed Sea Patrol and it's nice because they were a part of it all," McCune, 37, said from her Melbourne home. "I am delighted to be nominated for a different performance and that they can share in that now."

McCune, who is married to film technician Tim Disney, made Logie Awards history by scooping four back-to-back Gold Logies from 1997 to 2000 for her role as Maggie Doyle on long-running Network Seven police drama Blue Heelers.

No one trick pony, McCune's performance versatility makes her a force to be reckoned with, mixing her time between theatre, film and TV.

Playing executive officer KateMcGregor in Sea Patrol was a welcomed departure from Constable Doyle.

"The level of responsibility that Kate has is so much more (than Doyle)," she says.

"They are both very true woman, but obviously me being many years older now it's great to be recognised for another performance over at Channel 9, the others were over at Channel 7. So to be having an outing on a different network drama is exciting."

Up against a tough field of contenders including Rove McManus, Andrew Denton and Natalie Blair for the Gold Logie, McCune said she wasn't suffering nerves leading into the top gong announcement.

She is also vying for the most popular actress award.

"There is an impressive list of men in the Gold category this year, which is fantastic and just such a strong group of entertainers," McCune says.

"They (the awards) hold so much more value than they did eight years ago."

While McCune maintains her longevity trump card is character versatility, she admires fellow Gold Logie nominee Kate Ritchie, who spent 20 years on soap Home and Away.

"She (Ritchie) is an extraordinary young woman and I really admire her. She stuck with it and didn't get over-excited and go to LA."

May 03, 2008
The Daily Telegraph