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Episode 6

Sunday, October 09, 2022 (ABC)
349,000 viewers (12th)
Written by Giula Sandler
Directed by Jocelyn Moorhouse

As the investigation continues, Miki makes the discovery that could identify the real killer.


  • Andrew Gilbert as Hugh Lang
  • Daniel Henshall as Kevin Pattison
  • Robert Grubb as Sergeant Bill Kirby
  • Virginia Gay as Rachel Kennedy
  • Miranda Anwar as Chandra Pattison
  • Richard Piper as Max Englert
  • James Makay as Simon Englert
  • Leah Vandenberg as Deborah Cochrane
  • Bernard Curry as Connor Kirby
  • Katherine Langford as Miki Anderson
  • Jaqueline McKenzie as Colleen Lang
  • Cooper Van Grootel as Terry Anderson
  • Hattie Hook as Ivy Pattison
  • Nadine Garner as Lynne Anderson
  • Mark Coles Smith as Joel Thorpe
  • Sally-Anne Upton as Dale O'Neill
  • Benjamin Moore as Wayan Pattison
  • Jack Kenny as Adam Lang
  • Billy Zeng as Tim Li
  • Yashith Fernando as Kaji Perera
  • Ayesha Gibson as Taylah Russell
  • Haya Abbas as Laila Janabi
  • Osamah Sami as Salim Bayati
  • Maia Abbas as Jamila Bayati
  • Julian Weeks as Nick Healey
  • Ruby Proy as Young Miki Anderson
  • Molly Grace as Jasmine Lang