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The Coral Age

Episode 1.01
Australia: Thu, January 05, 2006 (SBS)
Canada: November, 2007 (APTN)
Written by John Alsop
Directed by David Caesar

Helen Tremain (Susie Porter) returns to the remote island where she has spent the last five years as a nurse, with a strong sense that this place is now her only home.

Her mother has died and Helen is the last of her family. But the island isn't the tropical paradise she remembers. The substitute nurse was a disaster and the indigenous health workers are rebelling. And there's Myrtle (Louisa Taylor). Intellectually disabled, Myrtle is pregnant yet again to another anonymous stranger. She pleads with Helen to let her have the baby on the island, even though it's against the rules of the health department.

Helen takes the risk that threatens her career — she will help Myrtle deliver her baby in secret. But she needs the help of Paul (Luke Carroll), the chief health worker who has gone walkabout, and his sister Nancy (Margaret Harvey), who is home from medical school. Their father is the Island Chairman, Russ Gaibui (Charles Passi), a charismatic man who runs the island and his family with an iron grip.

The visiting doctor discovers Helen's plan to help Myrtle and sends a posse to the island. Russ is furious. And Helen faces the sack. Strange then, that Russ vents his public fury on his children, Paul and Nancy, effectively saving Helen's neck. What is stranger is Russ' overtures towards Helen, which both attract and alarm her.


  • Susie Porter as Helen Tremain
  • Charles Passi as Russ Gaibui
  • Billy Mitchell as Robbi
  • Bruce Spence as Vince
  • Felix Wiliamson as Dr. John Bourke
  • Luke Carroll as Paul Gaibui
  • Margaret Harvey as Nancy Gaibui
  • Louisa Taylor as Myrtle
  • Peta Brady as Lindy Gaibui
  • Jimi Gela as Solomon Gaibui
  • Serai Zaro as Ina Gaibui
  • Beford Lui as Mick Gaibui
  • Nora Bagiri as Lucy
  • Dan Mosby as Mr Ted
  • Elsie Passi as Mrs Ted
  • Santa Marina Rodgers as Mrs. Augustus
  • Moses Kaddy as Doug Augustus
  • Gabriel Ingui as Tuuks
  • Patrick Ahwang as Giddy Gaibui
  • Fred Kebisue as Amos
  • Savanna Taylor as Faith Gaibui
  • Nazir Manai as Grace Gaibui
  • Melora Mosby as Rhianna Gaibui
  • Tarnee Fauid as Esther Gaibui
  • Deborah Kennedy as Departing RAN
  • Kathleen Binawell as Mrs Watia
  • Andrew Billy as Bleeding Man
  • April Mosby as Girl With Sore Eye
  • Charles Mann as Male Nurse No. 1