Produced by Southern Star John Edwards

Executive Producers: Rick Maier, Janeen Faithfull
Producers: Imogen Banks, John Edwards
Directors: Glendyn Ivin, Emma Freeman

Airing: 2012, 2014 (Ten)

Puberty Blues is an Australian classic which chronicles a special moment of our history. In the early 1970s, the middle baby boomers were coming into their adolescence and early adulthood. The sexual revolution was in full flow. In America "teenagerdom" had come into its own in the sixties. It happened here in the seventies, with the arrival of drugs and the anti-Vietnam fed youth rebellion. And the wild mood finds its apotheosis in surf culture. Puberty Blues is a picture of Australian suburban life in revolution as the wild kids get their rocks off, exploring the worlds of the parents in a context where money and loans are much cheaper, divorce is much easier, full employment and prosperity abound, conventional morality is shifting and everything is endlessly possible. Based on the novel by Kathy Lette and Gabrielle Carey. (17x45min)

Claudia KarvanJudy Vickers
Jeremy Lindsay TaylorMartin Vickers
Ashleigh CummingsDebbie Vickers
Ed OxenbouldDavid Vickers
Susie PorterPam Knight
Dan WyllieRoger Knight
Brenna HardingSue Knight
Rodger CorserFerris Hennessey
Susan PriorYvonne Hennessey
Sean KeenanGary Hennessey
Katie WallLynette Hayes
Charlotte BestCheryl Hayes
Isabelle CornishVicki
Reef IrelandBruce Board
Dylan GoodearlDanny Dixon
Jonathan GavinGraham
Christian ByersWoody
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