Prosper: cast

Richard Roxburgh as Cal Quinn

Founder and Senior Pastor of U Star, Cal came from humble beginnings, caught up in juvenile delinquency, drugs and addiction before finding his salvation in God. Now, as the leader and face of a church with close to a hundred thousand devoted followers worldwide, Cal is a charismatic force with a born-again story to tell. But he is a Man of God struggling with the burden of meeting God’s and his own ideals. Deep down he is grappling with a profound crisis of faith, too terrifying to admit to anyone, even himself.

Rebecca Gibney as Abi Quinn

Co-Senior Pastor at U Star, Abi plays the woman behind the great man. But Abi herself – like so many strong women before her – remains a formidable force within her own marriage and family. She knows precisely where her powers lie and deftly manoeuvres and manipulates to bend others to her will. Fearing her husband’s fallibility might bring the empire they have built crumbling down, Abi is determined not to let it happen.

Ewen Leslie as Dion Quinn

Cal’s dutiful eldest son from a different mother, Dion has lived in the shadow of his larger-than-life father, trying to follow in his formidable footsteps, becoming a pastor, marrying a good Christian woman (Taz) and raising a large family. But beneath the façade is a man unsure of himself, uncomfortable in his own skin. He wants so much for his father to be proud but believes Cal secretly doubts him. Dion is a man hiding in the darkness of self-doubt who needs to come out into the light and unleash his true self.

Jacob Collins-Levy as Jed Quinn

A rebel with a cause, Jed is a young man with natural charisma and a genuine conviction in the beliefs and ideals of Christianity in their purest form. Growing up as the favourite son in the Quinn family, the headstrong Jed caused a scandal by speaking out against his father’s church and its materialism in a media story. The subsequent fall out between Jed and his parents led to a selfimposed exile, where he created his own community centre in the heart of Sydney, where his good Christian works offer practical and spiritual help to the downtrodden and disenfranchised.

Hayley McCarthy as Issy Kalani

A gifted singer-songwriter who has generated enormous popularity and sales income for U Star, Issy is blessed with beauty and talent. She is the golden child with the voice of an angel who embodies much of the church’s mass appeal. But life has not always been picture-perfect, with a family secret from her adolescence that haunts her as she and her husband try to start their own family together.

Jordi Webber as Benji Kalani

A hip preacher and talented musician, Benji specialises in connecting to U Star’s multitude of millennial followers. He is a walking advertisement for the prosperity gospel, enjoying the finer things in life courtesy of marrying into the very wealthy Quinn family. Born in LA, Benji came out to Sydney to study at U Star’s Bible College, rapidly establishing himself as a young man on the rise, coveting his father-in-law’s crown and the kingdom that comes with it.

Andrea Solonge as Juno Adebayo

A damaged young woman whose mother, Rosa, has spiralled into opioid addiction, a destructive relationship with a new partner and turned to U Star for salvation. Self-contained, withdrawn and isolated, Juno has been left to fend for herself. Behind the emotional fortress Juno has built is a raw young woman with a need to belong, to feel safe and loved. She doesn’t know it, but she is ripe for the all-consuming embrace – and grip – of a church like U Star.

Jacek Koman as Eli Slowik

An original member of U Star church when it was just a handful of people in the back room of a Sydney suburban community hall, Eli and Cal formed a bond like brothers, and Eli – at the cost of his own marriage – became Cal Quinn’s right-hand man as they built an empire. Eli is the man who knows where the bodies are buried, always remaining unflappable in a crisis, and willing to do what others will not to advance the interests of the church.

Alexander D'Souza as Moses Quinn

The adopted son of Cal and Abi, Mo is a child of privilege from ethnically mixed parentage, having grown up knowing only lavish wealth and public profile. Moses is a good-looking teenager fast going off the rails. Already expelled from some of the best schools in Sydney, Mo masks his needs and vulnerability with charm and swagger. But behind all the front is a child disconnected from his culture, who feels he doesn’t belong, that he is not blood and this will never be his real family.

Alex Fitzalan as Maddox

International star DJ Maddox is touring Australia where he has made the mainstream news due to visa issues given his criminal history with drugs. The young American is a walking train wreck, seeking salvation for his many sins in the welcoming embrace of celebrity-courting U Star church.

  • James Saunders
    as Dan Gascoigne

  • Matthew Backer
    as Jonathan Malik

  • Christopher James Baker
    as Mitch Leeway

  • Nikki Shiels
    as Kasey Leeway

  • Ming-Zhu Hii
    as Taz Quinn

  • Brigid Zengeni
    as Rosa Adebayo

  • Frank Aldridge
    as Bartender

  • Audley Anderson
    as Worship Band Keys

  • Violette Ayad
    as Amisha

  • Garrett Barker
    as Worship Band Drums

  • Ethan Barnes
    as Dash

  • Jaiyden Barnes
    as Mahit

  • Dominic Barry
    as Michael Furness

  • Jahia Black
    as Collette

  • Nat Buchanan
    as Gigi

  • Septimus Caton
    as Hendo

  • Alexander Cheung
    as Levi Quinn

  • Charlie Clausen
    as Paul

  • Teneale Clifford
    as Marcie

  • Chris Coucouvinis
    as Pilot

  • Arka Das
    as Ravi

  • Jordan Devitre
    as Drunk In Suit #1

  • Shaun Dover
    as Drunk In Suit #2

  • Jo Downing
    as Anna

  • Mike Duncan
    as Rooftop Security #2

  • Daniel Felkai
    as Orderly

  • Georgia Fox
    as U Star Volunteer

  • Mackenzie Rose Francis-Mathers
    as Baby

  • Adrian Gaerlan
    as Sound Tech

  • Julian Garner
    as Jake

  • Brad Grisaffe
    as Bryan

  • Christopher Hamilton
    as Prlest

  • Victoria Haralabidou
    as Dr Selene Karras

  • Troy Harrison
    as Kasem

  • Jonny Hawkins
    as Ricky

  • Emma Horn
    as Tayla

  • Neal Horton
    as Rooftop Security #1

  • Adam Howell
    as LA Van Driver #1

  • Becca Hurd
    as Lori

  • Leah Huxley
    as Tattoo Artist

  • Toks James
    as Luther

  • Melissa Kahraman
    as Frankie

  • Joe Kalou
    as Worship Band Guitar

  • Holly Leonard
    as Bethany Quinn

  • Renee Lim
    as Jackie

  • Cardwell Lynch
    as LA Floor Manager

  • Ashley Lyons
    as George

  • Ivy Mak
    as Hannah

  • Tyler Marsh
    as Noah Quinn

  • Suzie Mathers
    as Mother

  • Domino McCathrion
    as Jenna Mckenna

  • Giulia Modonese
    as Tia

  • Radhika Mudaliyar
    as Alice

  • Ingrid Oram
    as Worship Band BVS

  • Chris Orchard
    as Mike Webber

  • Paul Pedersen
    as LA Van Driver #2

  • Rupert Reid
    as Robbie Ratten

  • Tommy Ropati
    as Manny Latu

  • Jesse Rowles
    as Large Man #1

  • Joshua Shediak
    as Austin Burns

  • Vivika Sheoran
    as Nisha

  • Isabella Spagnolo
    as Ariel

  • Frederico Star
    as Carl

  • Lorelei Tait
    as Cora

  • Haniteli Telefoni
    as Fetu

  • Li Huey Tijen
    as Worship Band Bass

  • Zoe Trilsbach
    as Maya

  • Max Vaccu
    as Physio

  • Paige Walker
    as Becky

  • Julian Weeks
    as Leroy

  • David Whitford
    as Gordy

  • Dove Wong
    as Rachel Quinn

  • Iggy Wong
    as Shen

  • Gabriel Wright
    as School Boy

  • Laujine Yassin
    as Large Man #2

  • Billy Zeng
    as Harry