Produced by Porchlight Films in association with Spirit Pictures

Producer: Sylvia Warmer
Executive Producer: Liz Watts
ABC Executive Producer: Margaret Ross
Writers: Nakkiah Lui, Gabriel Dowrick
Director: Steven McGregor

Aired: Nov 10 - Dec 15, 2021 (ABC)

Preppers follows Charlie (Nakkiah Lui), a young Aboriginal woman whose world crumbles around her after experiencing a personal, cataclysmic event. Escaping the fallout, Charlie finds herself at the centre of a hilariously mismatched community of doomsday preppers. With climate change, economic catastrophe, terrorism, pandemics, meteor strikes, hostile AI, nuclear proliferation, alien invasion it looks almost certain that the end is nigh. So, when the end comes—no matter how it happens — maybe the craziest thing is to NOT be prepared? (6x29min)
Nakkiah LuiCharlie Smallwood
Ursula YovichKelly
Chum EhelepolaLionel
Meyne WyattGuy
Aaron McGrathJayden
Eryn Jean NorvillKirby
Jack CharlesMonty
Luke ArnoldFig
Grant DenyerThomas
Brooke SatchwellSophie McNamara
Christine AnuMarie
Miranda TapsellYoung Nan
Joseph AlthouseYoung Monty
Luke CarrollQuincy
Tony BriggsKevin
Shakira ClantonTreena
Annie MaynardGwynn
Kate Miller-HeidkePenrith Panther/Kate
cast photo

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