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BBC sparks new Aussie drama

IT took the BBC to get the ball rolling and now Channel Ten has deemed the new half-hour drama Out Of The Blue worthy of a local airing.

Set in the beach surrounds of Manly and created by the peeps behind Love My Way and The Secret Life Of Us, the series stars Zoe Carides and Always Greener refugee Clayton Watson as well as Sophie Katinis who currently appears in Stupid Stupid Man.

The story starts with a high school reunion that ends in murder, which would seem entirely plausible to anyone who has survived a school reunion.

The Beeb-commissioned series is the great Aussie hope for the British national broadcaster, which recently passed on re-signing Neighbours because the $670 million eight-year deal was a wee bit too steep. Expect the show to air here mid-year.

January 29, 2008
The Courier-Mail