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In Fighting

Episode 3
Wed, Dec 12, 2018
Written by Adam Todd
Directed by Shannon Murphy

Amirah makes the decision to tell the truth at her father's tribunal, despite the repercussions threatening to affect their relationship and cause further rifts with her family. Emotions heat up between Amirah and Lachy, even though she has reservations about her feelings towards him. Amirah actions much needed damage control when she gives her youngest boxer, Mina, wrong advice that could potentially stop her training for good.


  • Nicole Chamoun as Amirah Al-Amir
  • Igal Naor as Sami Al-Amir
  • Keisha Castle-Hughes as Jess O'Connor
  • Louis Hunter as Lachy
  • Tyler De Nawi as Hayder Al-Amir
  • Claude Jabbour as Tariq Al-Amir
  • Neveen Hanna as Layla
  • Jack Thompson as Strick
  • Bozana Diab as Mina
  • Setareh Naghoni as Ranya
  • Otis Dhanji as Iggy
  • Priscilla Doueihy as Amal
  • Mishelle Macatangay as Luli
  • Zoe Jensen as Caro
  • Wendy Strehlow as Gloria
  • Maha Wilson as Kannika
  • Majeda Beatty as Aysha
  • Monzer Diab as Alaa
  • Dina Gillespie as Adil
  • Laurence Coy as Medic-Alan
  • Pablo Corea as The Pacific Prince
  • Kevin Hogan as Ref-Mick
  • Shant Ohannessian as Young Sami
  • Avaleen (Ava) Terzian as Young Amirah
  • Ari Boyland as Lachy's Mate
  • Chris Burke as Tribunal Chairman
  • Kelly Zacharias as AACS Receptionist
  • Ben Damon as Commentator #1
  • Ted Cofie as Commentator #2