Noah & Saskia: about

Noah and Saskia

Hannah Greenwood Hannah Greenwood and Bernard Angel

All Saskia did was go into a chat room looking for revenge on a guy who stole her music. And what she ended up with was the most important relationship in her life.

His name is Max Hammer, and after their first big meeting online, Saskia feels like she’s known him her whole life. He seems to know everything that’s going on in her head, in her music and better yet, in her soul. He has all the “S’s”—strong, smart, sensible and sensitive—and best of all, he sees all those qualities in her.

Yep, Saskia’s relationship with Max Hammer is perfect, or would be, if he wasn’t in the UK and she wasn’t in Oz, and if he didn’t think she was someone completely different…

Saskia goes by the online name of Indy and she is everything Saskia is not. Deep down, Saskia knows that if Max ever found out she is just a 14-year-old, beanpole dork who has trouble finding clothes to fit her right, things could get a little… over.

That is, if Max Hammer was who he claimed to be, which of course he’s not. Max is actually a 14-year-old science dweeb named Noah, and he has no illusions. He knows if Indy ever learned the truth, she would run screaming.

Noah & Saskia is about the power of someone’s essence. It’s about two teenagers who, by projecting their ideal selves in a virtual world, get a little closer to reaching their ideals in the real one. It’s about how someone can touch you from 10,000 miles away, and change your whole life.