Produced by Warner Bros. International Television Production New Zealand
and Castaway Television Productions Ltd

Creator: Charlie Parsons
Executive Producers: Greg Heathcote, Emma White
Series Producer: Tim Lawry

Aired: May - July 2017 (TV2)

16 tough and tenacious Kiwis are set to compete in the world's toughest game, Survivor New Zealand. Split into Tribes, the Survivors will spend up to 40 days marooned in the Nicaraguan jungle, filled with dangerous wildlife, battling it out in an ultimate test of endurance, strength and strategy. Each week, the Survivors compete in Reward and Immunity Challenges, with weekly eliminations by vote at Tribal Council, until there is only one 'Sole Survivor'.
Matt ChisholmHost 
Georgia Bergerson (26)Hermosa/Hermosa11
Nate Davis (45)Hermosa/Hermosa4
Lee Den Haan (29)Hermosa/Mogoton10
Dee Harper (29)Hermosa16
Shannon Quinn (24)Hermosa/Hermosa8
Barb Raos (53)Hermosa/Hermosa3
Mike Sparrow (27)Hermosa/Mogoton5
Jak Thomas (22)Hermosa/Mogoton6
Tony Deane (55)Mogoton14
Avi Duckor-Jones (32)Mogoton/Hermosa1
Hannah Gough (27)Mogoton15
Izzy Pearson (30)Mogoton12
Louisa McClintock (19)Mogoton13
Tom Paterson (26)Mogoton/Mogoton2
Shayna Tapusoa (27)Mogoton/Mogoton7
Sala Tiatia (40)Mogoton/Hermosa9
- merge tribe name was Casar
- season featured a final three with a 7 person jury
- Avi (6) won the final vote over Tom (1) and Barb (0)
- Sala voted the winner of the People's Choice prize at the finale
Cast Photo

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