Produced by South Pacific Pictures

Producers: Rachel Jean, Chris Bailey
Writer: Amanda Alison
Director: Mike Smith

Aired: 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022 (Three)

When Jess’ only son starts school it’s a steep learning curve, for her. She enters a world of know-it-all, judgmental, and passive-aggressive women whose primary purpose is to promote their child as the most gifted, most brilliant, and most bestest child ever. And don’t even start with the teachers.
Morgana O'ReillyJess
Anna JullienneHeather
Allan HenryPrincipal Coxhead
Aroha RawsonHine
Sonny TupuMr Right
Bronwyn BradleyMiss Love
Goretti ChadwickMargot
Maddie SmithCinnamon
Manu PowellBraxton
Eddie WaspeRyan
cast photo

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