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Episode 2.01


Tue, Sept 15, 2020 (9pm)
Written by Alice Sneddon
Directed by Leon Wadham

Mitch and Dave are getting serious, Lisa worries about her pregancy photoshoot and Carol is getting used to life back on the force.

Starring: Hayley Sproull as Mitch, Kimberley Crossman as Lisa, Dean O'Gorman as Aussie Dave, James Rolleston as Tama, Alison Bruce as Carol, Chris Parker as Derek, Kura Forrester as Ronnie, Brynley Stent as Tiffany, Rawiri Paratene as Bertie, Fasitua Amosa as Tasi, Angella Dravid as Shannon, Simon Mead as Billy, Rose Matafeo as Ruth, Jamaine Ross as Bob

With: Steve Wright, Kali Maia as student, Violet O'Halloran as Madison, Andi Crown as Photographer, Eli Matthewson, Jack Buchanan

Episode 2.02

Tue, Sept 22, 2020 (9pm)
Written by
Directed by

Someone has won the Lotto and Mitch starts a podcast to investigate who, but the town has a new obsession: Crawdon's first microwave.