Produced by South Pacific Pictures

Executive Producers: John Barnett, Simon Bennett, James Griffin
Created by: James Griffin
Producer: Chris Hampson
Director: Murray Keane
Writers: James Griffin, Dave Armstrong, Joss King, Tim Balme
Theme music: "There Is No Depression in New Zealand"
performed by: The Wellington Ukulele Orchestra

Aired: March - June 2009

A comedy series about a fallen diplomatic Foreign Affairs high-flier who ends up baby-sitting the morally bankrupt (but for a good cause) staff of the embassy of The Most Royal Kingdom of Fe'ausi, the smallest country in the South Pacific ocean. His attempts to teach them right from wrong are more than countered by their attempts to get him to remove the stick from his butt and see the world in a more 'relaxed' fashion. (13 x 30min)
Dave FaneJonah Fa'auigaese
Craig ParkerLeighton Mills
Lesley-Ann BrandtLeilani Fa'auigaese
John LeighMick Fa'auigaese
Mario GaoaMalepe Fa'auigaese
Kayte FergusonSuga Fa'auigaese
Hannah MarshallKirsty
cast photo

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