Bro'Town: episode guide

Go Home Stay Home

Episode 1.06
New Zealand: October 27, 2004
Canada: October 04, 2006

When Constable Bababiba discovers that Vale and Valea have been left home alone, he sends Vale to a bad boy's home and Valea to a rich white family in Parnell, but when Dad realises that he is no longer eligible for his benefit, he launches a bid to bring his boys back home.

Special Guests: Alan Gibbs, Jenny Gibbs, Rodney Hide, Michael Jones

Note: series one episodes are listed in the order they appear on the DVD release (which is also the order of airing in Canada). Numbering and air dates give original NZ broadcast order

Get Rucked

Episode 1.04
New Zealand: October 13, 2004
Canada: October 11, 2006

It's the annual rugby match against the St Sylvester's Old Boys, but when the school 1st XV comes down with a terrible case of food poisoning, the boys have to play against a crack multi-code team featuring Joe Rokocoko, Tana Umaga, Stacey Jones, Henry Fa'afili and Awen Guttenbeil.

Special Guests: Awen Guttenbeil, Frank Bunce, Henry Fa'afili, Joe Rokocoko, Stacey Jones, Tana Umaga

The Wong One

Episode 1.03
New Zealand: October 06, 2004
Canada: October 18, 2006 (APTN)

Wong from Hong Kong arrives in Morningside and Dad takes him in as a homestay visitor, but a case of mistaken identity sees Vale kidnapped in Wong's place by the legendary Grasshopper - a hot Asian chick with incredible martial arts skills.

Special Guests: John Campbell, Carol Hirshfeld


Episode 1.02
New Zealand: September 29, 2004
Canada: October 25, 2006 (APTN)

Sione finally gets his chance to impress the girl of his dreams at the school ball, but his mother and his rival Rex Ruka do all they can to ruin his chances.

Special Guests: John Campbell, Carol Hirshfeld, Michael Jones, Lucy Lawless

A Maori At My Table

Episode 1.05
New Zealand: October 20, 2004
Canada: November 01, 2006 (APTN)

The boys go on a trip to Jeff's Marae, only to find an unexpected tangi going on. The mantle of leadership is suddenly thrust upon an unsuspecting Jeff.

Special Guests: Keisha Castle-Hughes, Cliff Curtis, Niki Caro, Rawiri Paratene, Witi Ihimaera

The Weakest Link

Episode 1.01
New Zealand: September 22, 2004
Canada: November 08, 2006 (APTN)

After being run over by a bus, Valea suddenly becomes the brainiest boy in Morningside, and the boys stun the school by making it through to the televised finals of the national quiz show.

Special Guests: Prime Minister Helen Clark, Carol Hirshfeld, John Campbell, Robert Rakete, Scribe


Episode 2.01
New Zealand: September 15, 2005
Canada: November 15, 2006 (APTN)

It's Morningside Fashion Week, and one of the world's top fashion designers discovers Jeff da Maori and catapults him to international catwalk fame.

Special Guests: John Campbell, Carol Hirshfeld, Keisha Castle-Hughes, Francis Hooper, Denise L'Estrange-Corbet, Rove McManus, Kate Sylvester, Karen Walter

Survival of the Fattest

Episode 2.02
New Zealand: September 21, 2005
Australia: October 09, 2006
Canada: November 22, 2006 (APTN)

The class sets out for a day in the bush, but the boys get lost and stranded in the wilderness. Sione starts to go mad, Mack suffers from constipation, Jeff is terrified of the 'bush spirits', Valea is homesick and Vale films the action Survivor-style.

Special Guests: John Campbell, Michael Jones, Carol Hirshfeld

Honky The Wonder Horse

Episode 2.03
New Zealand: September 28, 2005

After Vale and Valea feel sorry for a racehorse who is about to reach its expiry date, they try and persuade Dad to let them train and race it.

Touched By A Teacher

Episode 2.04
New Zealand: October 05, 2005
Australia: October 16, 2006
Canada: December 20, 2006 (APTN)

Mack tries to impress his mates by inventing a story about being abused. Brother Ken is thrown into jail and a witch-hunt ensues, led by the Minister and Mrs Tapili. Mack becomes a celebrity and is lauded for his braveness in coming forward and subsequently finds himself facing a major conundrum.

Note: The "special guests" listed in the end credits are incorrent, they are for episode 2.01, "Zeelander". The voices of Lucy Lawless and Carol Hirshfeld are among those that should be listed for this episode

Half Caste-Away

Episode 2.05
New Zealand: October 12, 2005
Australia: October 30, 2006
Canada: November 29, 2006 (APTN)

The boys find a baby in the creek and try to bring it up , but struggle from sleep deprivation and the ordeal of nappy-changing until they have to search elsewhere for parents for the baby.

A Chicken Roll At My Table

Episode 2.06
New Zealand: October 19, 2005
Australia: October 23, 2006
Canada: December 06, 2006 (APTN)

Joost's conservation-loving zoo-keeping Dad invites the boys to the van Den Van Van's African-themed Morningside Shore home for a weekend cultural exchange , but an incident with a chicken roll turns the weekend into a weird kind of Whodunit.

Morningside Story

Episode 2.07
New Zealand: October 26, 2005
Canada: December 13, 2006 (APTN)

An incident of racial abuse inspires St Sylvester's to produce a multi-racial musical love story called Morningside Story. Vale is director, Jeff in charge of music, Sione, Sina, Mack and Rex are the stars.

Special Guests: P. M. Helen Clark, H. R. H. Prince Charles

In My Mother's Den

Episode 3.01
New Zealand: 2006

Pepelo falls in love a concussed Canadian girl named Mary fascinated with the struggles of indigenous peoples. Vale and Valea are unimpressed until Mary starts feeding them. Meanwhile Sione falls in deep lust with the Canadian.

Know Me Before You Haunt Me

Episode 3.02

Halloween sees the boys trick or tricking, without luck. Rain forces them into an ancient home on the hill where a Maori ghost called Oma Kapiti enters Jeff's body. Whilst Jeff's performance in history class is greatly improved, his desire to burn the school down lands him in a spot of bother with a trip to the Morningside Psychiatric hospital. The boy's enlist the help of Temuera and Howard Morrison to exorcise Oma from their friend.

Upstairs Brownstairs

Episode 3.03

The Morningside Club is losing numbers and realises needs to increase it illegibility criteria. Allowing Samoans into the hollowed halls of exclusive domain broadens its catchment, however when Pepelo Pepelo joins the club gets a little more than what they bargained for. Meanwhile Valea falls for a beautiful rich girl. The only problem is his insistence that he is the Lord of Rumbatumbo.

Go Ask Agnes

Episode 3.04

Sione's family can't make ends meet as God makes demands on Agnes' small income via the church, so she turns to the casino for help. When that backfires Agnes turns to phone sex. Meanwhile Valea's money elephant disappears....

Mack Is From Mars, Sione's A Psycho

Episode 3.05

Mack sneaks into the netball team by disguising himself as a Muslim girl, in a burqa. Meanwhile Sione falls for the new French Islamic girl in the netball team, Mamushka Monet.

I Still Call Australia Home Oh

Episode 3.06

The boys decide to enter Polyfest, however when they don't make the Samoan team they decide to join Abercrombie's Aborigine cultural group.

The Summer The Brazilian Came

Episode 3.07

Record temperatures forces Morningside to the beach where Sione tries to surf, Valea falls for a Brazilian beauty and Jeff da Maori charges taxes for use of the beach.

Sons for the Return Home

Episode 4.01
New Zealand: Wed, October 11, 2007

Morningside's softest criminal, Motorcycle Boy, returns home from 'boarding school' just in time for his 21st. Motorcycle Boy trains the boys up to become staunch gang members - but Sione's big mouth soon has himself, his brother, and his own "gang" in deep trouble.

The Artful Dadger

Episode 4.02
New Zealand: October 18, 2007

Valea becomes immersed in the art world, winning praise for his talent and unleashing the tortured artist within! However, bitter rivalry quickly ensues when Dad impresses the glitterarti and steals the lime light.

Guest stars: John Reynolds, John Pule, Jenny Gibbs, Witi Ihimaera, Madeleine Sami as Ms Whotere

A Miracle In Morningside

Episode 4.03
New Zealand: October 25, 2007

In an attempt to outdo his friends, Mack gives up food and water for Lent, and becomes convinced he is a descendant of Jesus Christ and Maria Von Trapp from The Sound of Music.

Yes Prime Minister

Episode 4.04
New Zealand: November 01, 2007

A desperate Brother Ken insists that Vale represent St Sylvester's at Youth Parliament in Wellington. The boys travel to the capital city where they find themselves surrounded by fierce opponents in the dog-eat-dog world of politics.

An Alien At My Table

Episode 4.05
New Zealand: November 08, 2007

Cliff Curtis organises a star-studded Matariki concert at Kia Ora Bay, but one by one New Zealand's finest musicians disappear - and Jeff gets the blame! Will Valea and Keisha rekindle their spark? Will Jeff get to sing with TrinityRoots? Is there anybody out there? And will this be the day the music died?

Guest stars: Bic Runga, Boh Runga, Scribe, Trinity Roots, Anika Moa, Fat Freddys Drop, Cliff Curtis, John Campbell, Carol Hirschfeld, Keisha Castle-Hughes

I'm Going To Limbo... I May Be Some Time

Episode 4.06
New Zealand: November 15, 2007

Dad Pepelo's hard living lifestyle finally catches up with him, and while the boys maintain a bedside vigil, Dad embarks on a journey of the soul, where he must face the demons of his past.

The Summer Of Samson

Episode 5.01
New Zealand: Sunday, April 19, 2009

When Sione catches his Mum and the Minister in a compromising position, he discovers that his brother Samson is the spawn of adulterers.

A Vegetarian At My Table

Episode 5.02
New Zealand: Sunday, April 26, 2009

After eating a mouse pie, the boys take a vow of vegetarianism! They are determined to expose the dodgy innards of the meat industry... but when the powers-that-be catch wind of their plan, Vale becomes the meat in the sandwich!

Guest stars: Fred Dagg, Carol Hirschfeld and John Campbell

To Sam With Love

Episode 5.03
New Zealand: Sunday, May 03, 2009

When world famous actor Sam Neill turns up to teach drama at St Sylvester's, the boys become his biggest fans!

Apocalypse Ow

Episode 5.04
New Zealand: Sunday, May 10, 2009

Jeff's unhinged Uncle Murray returns from Afghanistan and takes the boys to a 'fun' camp... but before long everyone except Jeff realises that things are not what they seem! Will Jeff turn on his friends once and for all?

Guest stars: Neil Finn, Tim Finn, Bret McKenzie, Jemaine Clement

Lost In Cyberspace

Episode 5.05
New Zealand: Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rakeesh converts his dairy into a Cyber Café and Valea soon becomes a 'War is Fun' Master, but his obsession with the game starts to take over his life, and when the boys discover that he has been having a secret relationship, they realise it is crisis time!

So You Think You Can Dance Near The Stars?

Episode 5.06 (series finale)
New Zealand: Sunday, May 24, 2009

When Dad is slipped an ecstasy tablet he gets all loved up and convinces Agnes to show the world her fancy footwork in a televised dance competition.