Produced by Greenstone Pictures

Creator: Stephen Campbell
Executive Producers: John Harris, Stephen Campbell
Producer: John Harris
Associate Producer: Matt McPhail
Writers: Stephen Campbell, Matt McPhail, Jon Bridges, Geoff Houtman, et al
Directors Stephen Campbell, Matt McPhail, Simon Raby, et al

Aired: 2006, 2007, 2010 (TV2)

Teenager Ben Wilson finds a mysterious emblem, which transforms him into super hero Captain Extraordinary, at the bottom of a river — that's when his troubles begin... He has to learn to control his super powers, and fight an array of super villains including Dominic Renfield, who heads the evil organisation Nemesis. Ben has the erratic assistance of his pal Roy Bottle, the love of his life Vicki Van Horton, and orphan-with-an-attitude Wired. Captain X's wise and surprisingly athletic mentor is Harry, 'The Green Termite'. On the dark side are Renfield and the beautiful but treacherous Ice.
Carl DixonBen Wilson [Captain X]
Patrick MorrisonRoy Bottle [Nitelite]
David McPhailHarry Seaforth [Green Termite]
Robyn MacleanShani Rai [Wired]
Tyler Jane MitchelIce
Hannah MarshallVicki Van Horton
Stuart DevenieDominic Renfield
Madeleine LynchLaura Wilson
John LeighDave Ruben
Mark WrightTerry Wilson
Peter FeeneyMayor Jackson
Amy WallerHail
Stephanie van der WelSleet
Julia HydeSleet
Caleigh CheungWendy

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