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Unknown Caller

Episode 5.01
Thu, March 30, 2023

Who's at the door? Te Pā find out as they start to come to terms with last nights events. Kid is worried about Te Uru, Hemi wants answers and Alofa is adjusting to life with Haki.

Cast: Nepia Takuira-Mita as Hemi, Turia Schmidt-Peke as Geo, Aniwa Whaiapu Kolomatangi as Kid, Whiti Tumai as Haki, Akinehi Munroe as Te Ururangi, Awa Puna as Kuīni, Mauri Stokes as Thomas, Siana Vagana as Alofa,

On The Run

Episode 5.02

The whānau at Te Pā are doing everything they can to help Maru. Geo and Kid both have a chance to reunite with previous flings. Alofa learns new information about Haki that makes her rethink their situation. Hemi has a surprise visitor at Te Pā.



Episode 5.03

A worried Haki can't find Alofa but Geo offers to help. Booms, Hiwa and Uru enjoy the party life. Hemi continues to visit Thomas looking for answers.


I Tērā Pō

Episode 5.04

Haki and Alofa are confronted by Alofa's whānau and make a decision. Booms and Hiwa help Uru to have fun but Kid is worried. Is Hemi starting to forgive Thomas?


A Bong and a Kūmura

Episode 5.05

Geo is coming to terms with Haki's decision while Haki tries to win over Faitala. Kid believes that something is wrong with Hemi and enlists the help of Booms and Uru to fix it.


Important People

Episode 5.06

Geo and Haki are both working hard to change their lives for the better. Despite this Faitala is not taking it easy on Haki. Booms finds a new way for her prison boyfriend to see her.



Episode 5.07

Haki doesn't know why Alofa is mad at him but continues to step up for his baby. Hemi and Kid are working together to stop Te Mana Nui and help Thomas. Booms is in love.


Te Maunga Aroha

Episode 5.08

Faitala continues to test Haki after finding out about his past. Kid is shaken by his visions and tries to find out more. Te Pā is receiving packages for 'Boo Thang'. Who is 'Boo Thang'?



Episode 5.09

Hemi is determined to take the webcam down and find out more about Stefano. Haki searches for a new job. Knowing that Uru is safe, Kid continues to help Thomas.


Ka Kite

Episode 5.10

Kid, Kuīni and Moeroa attend a dress up party and make new friends. Geo, Hemi and Booms are coming up with a plan to take down Tipene. Haki's work for Ariki is bringing out his creative side as he prepares to be a dad. Geo makes a big decision.



Episode 5.11

Te Pā is struggles to adjust to major changes at the whare, they decide to throw Uru a birthday party to raise spirits. Haki is finding it hard to be happy.



Episode 5.12

Haki continues to spiral. Geo and Kid talk to the hospital board about helping Thomas their way. Ariki reveals more of himself to Geo. Uru confronts Kid about the secrets he's keeping.



Episode 5.13

Uru is searching for a way to get her powers back, goes to Hiwa for help. Geo finishes her final assignment of her degree. Hemi is struggling to pay the bills at Te Pā, Booms is determined to help. Haki reaches a breaking point.


Jobs on Hold

Episode 5.14

Hemi is embracing his new role in Te Pā as he tries to talk to Uru and Booms about drugs. Geo and Ariki get help to look for Haki. Alofa's letter is finally discovered but where is Haki?



Episode 5.15

Geo and Haki rush Ariki to the hospital where they meet his wife. Booms makes a deal with Troy after Hemi interferes with her side hustle. Uru makes dangerous decisions. Kid has another idea to help Thomas.


Run, Piggy

Episode 5.16

Hemi comes up with a plan to deal with Troy after what he did to Booms. Kid and Uru continue to learn more about Te Mana Nui after their close encounter with him. Uru is more determined than ever to trigger her visions.


Mean Mahi

Episode 5.17

Geo and Ariki continue to grow closer under Mariana's watchful eye. Uru is in hospital with Thomas, hurt by Hiwa's betrayal. Hemi is determined to look after everyone at Te Pā as he looks for a better job. Kid and Kuīni have their photo shoot, they decide to make a statement.



Episode 5.18

Tensions come to a head in the season finale. Haki is trying to win over Mariana and make up for his mistakes. Kid finally knows what he wants. Thomas and Uru have a plan to stop Te Mana Nui and right the wrongs of the past.



Episode 5.19



Episode 5.20


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