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Equal and Opposite Forces

Episode 8
Thu, March 30, 2017
Written by
Directed by

The upstairs and downstairs teams join forces in a class action, taking on a pharmaceutical company that tried to cover up the side effects resulting from their drug trials.

After Josephine realises that her sister Rose and Lewis' client Harry have both experienced serious side effects from the same drug trial, she and Lewis assemble enough fellow trial participants to mount a class action against the manufacturer. It's an ambitious project requiring the combined resources of the Knox barristers and the Chatterjees team.

They have barely stepped into court, however, when their case is cut off at the knees by a formidable opposing QC with a startling claim. Meanwhile, a chilling campaign of intimidation begins and fear rapidly spreads among the plaintiffs. Faced with losing their entire case, Knox goes into lock-down, with all parties staying overnight in chambers for their protection.

While a workplace sleepover seems like the perfect opportunity for Lewis and Josephine to get closer, a bombshell awaits that will change everything.


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