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Episode 2.04
Sunday, May 10, 2020
576,000 viewers (10th)
Written by Kodie Bedford
Directed by Wayne Blair

With the case apparently solved, Jay is being encouraged to leave town, but something isn't adding up. Jay begins to question the motives of all those around him. Fran is dealt another blow in the search for justice for Zoe.


  • Aaron Pedersen as Detective Jay Swan
  • Jada Alberts as Constable Fran Davis
  • Tasma Walton as Mary Swan
  • Callan Mulvey as Simon
  • Rob Collins as Amos
  • Gary Sweet as Alkemi
  • Ursula Yovich as Pansy
  • Tasia Zalar as Shevorne Shields
  • Sofia Helin as Professor Sandra Elmquist
  • Ngaire Pigram as Leonie
  • Mark Mitchinson as Owen
  • Rhimi Johnson as Phillip
  • Stan Yarramunua as Jimmy 2
  • Kirk Page as Suzi-John
  • Keith Robinson as Reverend Tom
  • Joel Jackson as McBride
  • Sri Sacdpraseuth as Wayan
  • Leslie Rice as Baino
  • Jimmy Edgar as Mervyn
  • Tanith Clynn-Maloney as Alkemi Worker
  • John Walton as Thug
  • Ava Farrer as Ava
  • Leon Stripp as Jay and Dylan Stunt Double
  • Duncan Simpson as Jay and Dylan Picture Double
  • Dan Reardon as Dylan Stunt Double
  • Melissa Raye as Fran Picture Double
  • Puven Pather as Jay and Phillip Stunt Doubles
  • Tony Lynch as Jay and Phillip Stunt Doubles
  • Lochie Barclay as Dylan Stunt Double
  • Michael Haji Ali as Jay Picture Double
  • Nigel Harbach as Simon Stunt Double
  • Adam Howell as Pat Stunt Double