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Chasing Ghosts

Episode 1.03
Sun, June 10, 2018
Written by
Directed by Rachel Perkins

Assuming it is Larry who has broken into Shevorne’s house, Emma and Jay burst in to find it’s Georgia. Georgia is convinced Shevorne is involved in Reese’s disappearance — but then the heartbreaking truth comes out: Reese is not Simon. As Georgia gives back Shevorne’s phone, videos are discovered showing the location of Reese and Marley's secret drug stash — at Two Mile where Larry has been staying. Is he involved after all?

Discovering the stash is gone, Jay and Emma are skeptical that Larry doesn't know anything about the drugs. However they still have another suspect: Shevorne. Under pressure, and threatened with being charged over concealing her involvement with the drug stash, Shevorne admits Reese had a plan. One big deal, sell it all at the rodeo and make enough money to leave town. Insisting she has no idea where they got the drugs from, Shevorne does have an idea who stole them: backpacker Eric.

Jay needs no excuse to go after Eric, who has been a thorn in his side since their first meeting. Eric is dangerous, charming and has Jay's daughter Crystal under his spell. With the population having just tripled for the annual rodeo, police resources are stretched. So if Jay wants to catch the backpackers red handed, he will have to do it alone. Distracted by Shevorne being accosted by Larry, Jay goes to Shevorne’s aid and confronts Larry and as a consequence loses the backpackers in the crowd.

With the backpackers cornered on the road out of town, Emma and Jay confront them only to discover that they have an extra passenger — Jay’s daughter Crystal. Under pressure Eric’s girlfriend Genevieve reveals the guy who was selling drugs to Reese and Marley is Erroll — the cattle truck driver Tony regularly uses out at the station. Jay tracks Erroll down on the highway and pulls him over. With a large stash of ice found hidden in the truck, Erroll confesses that Reese came to him with a proposition: sell to me instead of the main drug king in town — security chief Tyson Zein. Had Tyson found out Reese was edging into his territory and kidnapped or killed the boys? As Jay and Emma tell Marley’s family what they believe happened, Shevorne arrives at the house. She thinks she knows where Marley might be…


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