Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries: episode guide

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Just Murdered

Episode 1.01
Thu, February 21, 2019 (8:30-10:30, Seven)
463,000 viewers (14th)
Written by Deb Cox
Directed by Fiona Banks

Following in the fabulous footsteps of the hugely popular Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, this all-new spin-off series takes place in 1964, when the gorgeously reckless Peregrine Fisher — niece of the famous Phryne Fisher — is rocketed from a lonely, dissatisfying small-town life, into a career as a fearless investigator, supported by a coterie of remarkable and rebellious women known as the Adventuresses.

Summonsed from her coastal home to claim her rightful inheritance, the unstoppable Peregrine Fisher manages to inveigle her way into a murder investigation.


  • Geraldine Hakewell as Peregrine Fisher
  • Joel Jackson as Detective James Steed
  • Catherine McClements as Birdie Birnside
  • Toby Truslove as Samuel Birnside
  • Louisa Mignone as Violetta Fellini
  • Greg Stone as Chief Inspector Sparrow
  • Katie Robertson as Constable Fleur Connor
  • Libby Tanner as Florence Astor
  • Andrew McFarlane as Terence Blair
  • James Mason as Eric Wild
  • Chris Ryan as Colin Blair
  • Charles Terrier as Lewis Knox
  • Irene Chen as Pansy Wing
  • Maria Mercedes as Joyce Hirsch
  • Todd Levi as Harvey White
  • Tawni Bryant as Barbie Jones
  • Heather Lythe as Maggie Blair
  • Lulu McClatchy as Salon Manageress
  • Carita Spencer as Hair Salon Client [Mrs Judd]
  • Milijana Cancar as Anya Berkovic
  • Jonathan Simpson as Postman