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Zoe Naylor

Zoe Naylor ... one the run from McLeod's Daughters, but swears she will be back.

Zoe flies the nest

ANOTHER McLeod's Daughters starlet is leaving Drovers Run. But, fans of the hit Channel 9 drama, do not fear, this one swears she will be back.

Zoe Naylor, who plays Regan McLeod (the last "McLeod" still on the show), is taking a break from the series to try her luck on the big screen.

Blonde beauty Rachael Carpani finished up on the Aussie success story in September and landed a major role on a pilot U.S. law drama this year.

Zoe, though, is being a little more coy about her outside projects.

The former model told TV Week she'll be abandoning the show for a short period while she pursues work on the big screen.

"I'm going to do a film, so she will be back - don't freak out," she says of her character, confirming Regan won't be killed off.

However, it's unknown if she's going big-scale overseas, or if she's scored a local role.

Not only does Zoe have her new project, but she's expected to wed partner James Noother later this year. James popped the question while the couple was holidaying in New Zealand in 2006.

Zoe is the fifth major female to leave the drama: Lisa Chappell, Bridie Carter, Jessica Napier and Rachael have all hung up their Akubras in recent years.

With Sophie Elsworth
January 09, 2007
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