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Gillian Alexy

Gillian puts the wild in West

BRACE yourself. You're about to see a wild side to Gillian Alexy. The McLeod's Daughters hottie stars as a fiery babe in new Australian film West.

"I filmed it at the end of 2005, so it's been a long time coming but that's the nature of the beast with film," she says.

The drama, which opens nationally this week, is set in the suburban badlands West of Sydney, where two cousins Pete and Gerry Khan Chittenden (Clubland) and Nathan Phillips (Wolf Creek), have their relationship tested when they both fall in love with Cheryl (Alexy).

Gillian says she loved the film experience.

"I absolutely adored it, and I definitely know it's what I want to do."

And she says she learnt a lot from her castmates.

"They were really great, very professional, and a lot of fun. It was a bit of a boy's club I was the only girl but I think that was needed for the role because she's a pretty tough girl."

Gillian, who's terrific in West, hopes the role could lead to more film work, even overseas.

"It's kind of what you do (as an actor). You go overseas, try and get more work and get a name for yourself," she says.

In a huge departure from her role as Tayler on McLeod's, Gillian enjoyed "tarting up" for Cheryl in the new flick.

"It's not everyday you get to walk around and dress like that, act like that, and have a mouth like that".

June 26, 2007
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