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Twist off screen

NEW McLeod's Daughters beauty Michelle Langstone must be wondering if she's somehow fallen into a parallel universe.

The similarities between the New Zealander and her character, Fiona Webb, who viewers will meet on the show's return on February 15, are striking.

Fiona is caught in a relationship with Alex on the small screen.

In real life, Langstone has been dating newly separated co-star Aaron Jeffery, who plays Alex on Nine's hit series.

The down-to-earth and affable Langstone suddenly changed pace when Jeffery was mentioned by The Eye.

"I've tried to distance myself (from the media speculation) because I don't talk about my personal life," she said.

Langstone may choose to avoid the issue, but it doesn't stop the talk, especially as Jeffery is facing charges of threatening and assaulting his ex-wife, Melinda.

Jeffery, 36, was not required to appear at a preliminary court hearing in Adelaide on Wednesday but his lawyer said talks were continuing and the matter might be resolved soon.

Media-shy Langstone, who was living alone in a century-old cottage in a small town near Adelaide, said she had never been motivated by fame and did not enjoy that side of the business.

"For me, acting is not about the result, it's about the process," she said.

"I think I will find it quite embarrassing (if I get recognised in public).

"I've just come from a photo shoot and I find it painful.

"My hands are still shaking.

"And I don't enjoy watching myself at all (on TV). It makes me want to vomit."

While the classically trained actor will be flat-out this year with the demanding McLeod's schedule, she is hoping to get involved in cinema and theatre very soon.

January 20, 2006
The Herald Sun