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TV host joins McLeod's

TELEVISION presenter Luke Jacobz has plenty to celebrate after winning a coveted role on the hit Channel Nine drama series, McLeod's Daughters.

"I make my mark in Drovers Run," promised Jacobz, 24, who bares his behind during his debut in a skinny-dipping scene this Wednesday night.

He has long dreamed of an acting career but was diverted from his goal after he won a role co-hosting Channel Seven's children's show, The Big Arvo, before hosting the network's ill-fated reality series, Popstars, last year.

Jacobz plays Patrick Brewer, the bi-polar brother of McLeod's Daughters veteran Brett Brewer.

"I'd love to do a film one day. I love a challenge and acting gives you a challenge," he said.

The charismatic young actor, who was an apprentice plumber before he was discovered, last week stripped down to his boxers for a charity calendar.

By Phillip Koch
October 09, 2005
The Sunday Telegraph