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Tucker goes bush for daughters

ACTRESS Abi Tucker certainly should be pleased her life does not imitate art.

In her most renowned role on Aussie television, Abi played aspiring actress Miranda Lang in drama series Secret Life of Us.

Unlike her past character, she has already made it as an actress and she is about to get even bigger.

The petite brunette has joined the star cast of McLeod's Daughters, moving from Sydney to take on the country role and lifestyle.

And she can't wait to sink her teeth into her new role as Grace Kingston.

"I'm really enjoying the process of getting into Grace, she's such a great and strong character on so many levels," she says.

Abi will start on set this week as camp drafter Grace, when the cast and crew return from two week's break. She's been preparing early. "I love horses but I've had to practise riding them," she said.

"Everyone has really taken me under their wing, though."

It is not all completely new for Abi as she once worked with fellow cast member Doris Younane on teen series Heartbreak High.

"Doris and I have had a long affinity with each other," she said.

Abi also has made her mark as an Aussie songstress, with her debut album Dreamworld released in 2003.

"Singing will always be there and I'll keep writing music," she said.

Sources on set say 150 women around the world auditioned for the role of Grace, with eight making it to a screen test. Abi, who also starred in The Wog Boy, however, was an early favourite.

October 16, 2006
The Advertiser