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Matt Passmore

Tough life for drovers

YOU'D think dealing with horses would be the biggest challenge for Drovers Run newcomers Gillian Alexy and Matt Passmore.

But they're both quietly confident on horseback . . . most of the time.

"I haven't had to ride a horse on camera yet, but I think I'm about to," Gillian says, a little nervously.

It's not an entirely new experience to either actor - both rode horses as children. For Matt, though, he's more comfortable on a motorbike.

Gillian and Matt have been on the set of McLeod's Daughters for about two months and have settled in nicely . . . but not without help from friends. Matt, from Brisbane, shares a flat with fellow drover Luke Jacobz. "We're not the cliche of dirty, skanky boys living together," he says.

Gillian says the female-dominated cast has made her feel welcome in an otherwise "tough environment" after living in Sydney. "I've filmed in harsh elements before, but this will be a real challenge coming into summer when it can get to 50C," she says.

"It's definitely not glamorous . . . but it's a strong female show which made it very appealing to me."

On the other hand, Matt thinks it's a good blokes' show.

"Most of my scenes have been with Aaron Jeffrey, so it feels like another boy's show," he says. "Unfortunately, I have to work with all these beautiful women. It's tough, but I'll do it for Australia."

Gee, it's a hard life for some.

September 09, 2006
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