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Chance to give Logies a run for their money

EVEN if the two leading ladies of Drovers Run go home empty-handed from tonight's Logies, they're already winners.

Rachael Carpani and Simmone Mackinnon are both up for Gold and Silver Logies - not bad when Carpani had never been nominated and Mackinnon only once, four years ago, in the rookie category.

"Rachael and I have had a long-running bet about the Logies," Mackinnon said.

"Last year I bet her that she would be nominated for silver, and she bet that I would be nominated. In the end, neither of us were nominated for anything.

"So we had another bet this year, but we weren't really expecting anything - so we were completely shocked when we were nominated in both gold and silver."

If Mackinnon was shocked, Carpani was speechless to receive her first nominations after five years on Channel Nine's top-rating drama.

"It's a bit of an onslaught in one year," said Carpani, who left the show last year to pursue work in the US.

"I went from nothing to this. After five years I was beginning to worry and suddenly this happens. It has been quite surreal."

Carpani and Mackinnon agree that the Logies are no party for the nominees, with the red carpet to navigate and a limit on alcohol until after the final acceptance speech.

Then there is the perennial dilemma of what to wear.

Carpani is opting for Tea Rose while Mackinnon is considering a gown by Collette Dinnigan.

"We all live in jeans and singlets, so the whole dress and high heels aspect is a bit daunting," Mackinnon said.

"All you really want is an outfit that won't result in a public wardrobe malfunction."

Gold logie nominees

  • Natalie Blair, Neighbours
  • Rachael Carpani, McLeod's Daughters
  • Simonne Mackinnon, McLeod's Daughters
  • John Howard, All Saints
  • Rove McManus, Rove
  • Bert Newton, Bert's Family Feud
  • Kate Ritchie, Home and Away
  • John Wood, the now defunct Blue Heelers

By Rachel Browne
May 6, 2007
Sydney Morning Herald