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Nz Actor Langstone To Join Mcleod's Daughters

As if the actors in Australian Outback soap series McLeod's Daughters don't have enough to contend with, they've been landed with another New Zealander.

Michelle Langstone, 27, will join the cast at Drovers Run as Fiona, a new love interest for Alex Ryan (played by fellow New Zealander Aaron Jeffery) when the show returns for 2006 next week, the Courier Mail newspaper in Brisbane reported.

In real life, Langstone has been dating the recently-separated Jeffery, although she is less keen to talk about that liaison than her on-screen romance.

Jeffery, 36, was accused of one charge of committing common assault and one count of threatening life after an alleged incident involving his wife, Melinda, at Gawler, on Adelaide's northern outskirts, last September.

He has since split from his wife. The couple have a two-year-old daughter.

Auckland-born Langstone described as Fiona as a juicy role.

“She is one of those characters that will really divide audiences''.

She told the Courier Mail that McLeod's Daughters was also hugely popular in New Zealand but episodes lagged a week behind Australia and family and friends were anxiously awaiting her first appearance.

“I think they're looking forward to seeing it actually and mocking my Australian accent. I'll never hear the end of it'' she said.

New Zealand Press Association
February 08, 2006