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Farm embraces new star

ACTRESS Abi Tucker is settling into rural South Australia after making the move from the high-life in London to join the popular drama series, McLeod's Daughters.

The 33-year-old, petite brunette is the show's newest well-known talent, after the series has lost many stars in the past year, including Rachael Carpani and Brett Tucker.

The popular actress enters the series as Regan's (Zoe Naylor) estranged younger sister, Grace, in tonight's episode.

"I'm really enjoying playing Grace. She comes in with a bang," Tucker said.

"I've moved back from London and it's great living in Adelaide. I've got lots of friends here."

Tucker is best known for her role as Miranda Lang on the now defunct Australian TV series The Secret Life of Us and has been working on the South Australian set of McLeod's for more than six months.

"It's challenging and it's quite active with things like horse riding," she said.

"Dealing with the extreme landscape is so different from shooting in a studio.

"And looking out into a beautiful space, it's interesting what you see. I've been out in the bush in the Northern Territory and that was interesting but I'm really embracing what I'm learning on set."

Tucker said it was "fantastic" to be working alongside Gold Logie nominee Simmone Jade Mackinnon.

"It's a real joy," she said.

April 18, 2007
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